Husqvarna Automower evaluation part 5 – rain or radiate

typical service has been resumed at the Automated house in terms of summertime weather. After a couple of fine weeks in May, June ended chilly wet as well as windy.

Rain or Shine

However in the week that Wimbledon started, rain has not stopped play as far as mowing the lawn goes. The Automower doesn’t care if it’s wet or dry, it just gets on with the task in hand.

That’s another win for the robot over the ride-on then. In previous summers with similar weather condition it’s been impossible to cut the lawn during these prolonged rainy periods. It’s extremely simple for the yard to slip into a cycle where it gets as well high for our mulching ride-on to cut appropriately as well as even mowers that gather the lawn turn into a sticky mess. The yard is frequently damaged by the wheels of a heavy ride-on as well and the increasingly wet summers indicate the Automower is a much remarkable method of preserving a lawn on these islands.

Robot Renewal

Another difference between the ride-on as well as the Automower is the sheer number of hours the smaller maker has to work to cover the exact same area.

We’ve run our present ride-on for 3 summers now and the maker has around 80 hours on its clock. In comparison, after 2 months the automower has run for nearly 600. Even believed that speed has slowed significantly considering that the preliminary intensive cutting period, that’s a striking difference.

Along keeping that boosted running time is the demand for a lot more maintenance. rather than maybe cleaning your mower when a season you’re going to requirement to do it a lot more frequently with the Automower, particularly with all this wet running. The handbook has a number of pearls of wisdom here…

It is crucial to keep the robotic lawnmower clean. A robotic lawnmower with a great deal of lawn stuck to it will as well as it harder to travel up slopes, do worse as well as be subjected to higher wear as well as tear… check the robotic lawnmower every week as well as replace any type of damaged or used parts.

Husqvarana state not to utilize water when cleaning the Automower however it’s currently wet sufficient from the rain that a lot of of the grass was soft as well as simple to remove. I nicked the much better half’s Ikea washing up clean as well as it was a best size as well as shape for the job.

Switch Off, glove Up, clean Down

Turn the maker over as well as switch it off by setting the primary switch to setting 0. clean the drive wheels as well as the front casters as well as axels. Clean the body, chassis as well as cutting system, eliminating grass, leaves as well as other debris. Don’t fail to remember to check the charging station as well as well as eliminating any objects that may impede the mower from docking cleanly.

Blade Runner

We likewise took the chance to replace the 3 pivoting blades at the exact same time. additional blades are affordable as well as the box included 9 new ones (3 full sets). new screws are included as well as well as it’s crucial to keep whatever balanced for the most efficient cut.

TIP: When replacing the blades, don’t screw the very first one in completely as well as it will keep the holes lined as much as quickly replace the other 2 – see video

You can see the amount of metal that’s been used away in just 8 weeks comparing the old boring blade we took off to a new one. It’s remove we must have replaced them much earlier. If, like us, your Automower has to work difficult for a few weeks to get the yard down to a lower level then you must modification the blades after the very first month.

Cleaning the Automower as well as replacing the blades is a task you’ll requirement to do a few times over a mowing season, however it’s only a 2o minutes task to keep your bot performing at its best.

So here’s the fifth part of our video review (please like, share as well as subscribe)…


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